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Cookie Policy

Leadbit notification for using cookie files and similar technology

Our website is using cookie files and similar technology to guarantee the maximum convenience for the users by giving the custom information, memorizing preferences in the marketing and product areas, as well as helping to obtain the right information. By using our website, you confirm your agreement for using cookie files in accordance with the present notification in regard to file type. If you do not agree with using such type of files, you need to set up the settings of your browser accordingly, and do not use the website http://leadbit.com

Leadbit and our service providers can use different types of cookie files on our websites

  • “Strictly Necessary” cookie files. These files are essential; they allow moving throughout our website and use its capability. These files do not identify you as an individual. If you do not agree to use this type of files, it can have an effect on the website performance or its components.
  • “Performance” cookie files. These files help us to understand how users interact with our website by giving the information about areas which users visited and the time they have spent on the website. Also they show the problems with Internet -resource, for example the message about errors. This can help to improve the work of the website. Cookie files related to analytics also help us to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and optimize site content for those who are interested in our advertisement. This type of cookie files cannot be used for your identification. All of the information which is collected and analyzed is anonymous.
  • “Functionality” cookie files. These cookie files are meant for recognizing users that return to our website. These cookies allow sites to remember how you are logged in, when you logged in and out, and possibly anything you have done on a site while you logged in. If you block this type of files it can affect the performance and function of the website and can limit the access to it.
  • “Targeting” cookie files. The data about your actions on the Internet entered in these cookie files, including accessing our websites and pages, and also the data about links and advertising which you chose for viewing. One of our goals is to represent the content that is relevant to you. Another goal is to give an opportunity for us and our service providers to supply an advertising and other information that accurately suites your interests. (By doing so, Leadbit and our providers attract such partners as informative portals, the platforms for managing data and the platforms for market research, which help to process such data). For example, if you are viewing the page of our website dedicated to the certain product, we are able to make it so you can see an advertisement about this certain or similar product on all our websites or others. This information may be shared with organizations outside our website, such as advertisers and/or advertising networks to deliver the advertising, and to help measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

What is the way other information collected and used?

Leadbit and our providers can use cookie files for different purpose, including:

  1. Ease the way of getting information for us and third-parties about your website visits.
  2. Process your orders.
  3. Analyze the information about your page visits for enhancement of our website.
  4. Provide advertisement, messages and the content, made by Leadbit and third- parties, on the particular website, considering your interests.
  5. Help you with providing the right information.
  6. Define the number of visitors and how do they use our website – for improving the effectiveness of the site and for a better understanding of users’ interests.

How long cookie files are stores on my device?

The amount of time a cookie stays on your device is variable: the majority of cookies expire after the end of your browsing session. Some of the cookie files do not get deleted after the browser is closed. Such cookie files are called ‘permanent’. The permanent files’ storage timing on the device is different for various cookie files. In online advertising you can generally expect most advertising cookies to last about one month at most. Our company and others use permanent cookie files for diverse reasons: for example, to define how often do you visit the site or how often do you come back, how is the way of using our websites changes within some period of time, as well as for evaluating the effectiveness of advertisement.

Who is placing cookie files on my device?

Cookie files can be placed on your device by administration of the website Leadbit.com. Such files called “first-party” cookies. Some of the cookie files can be placed on your device by other operators. Such files are called ‘third- parties’ cookies.

Leadbit and third- parties use cookie files to understand how our services are being used. Based on the cookie files, general and other information can be collected and used, (for example, about operating system, browser version and URL address, from where the transaction occurred on the particular page, including email or advertisement) – thereby we can provide broader opportunities for you, and analyze the visit routes of the website. Such technology allows counting the amount of users who visit the particular service, by following the link from the particular banner outside the website, by text link or image. Besides that, it serves as an instrument for collecting general statistics about using the websites with the purpose of analytical research and helps to optimize our websites as well as offers advertisement in accordance with your interest as described below.

How is the internet advertisement and mobile advertisement used?

Our company together with the third- parties, including technological partners and service providers, participate in the advertisement activities that are oriented on the users’ interests, by providing advertisement and personalized content of your interest. Third-parties use cookie files while implementing services for us and other companies; in such cases we do not control the use of described technology or received information and do not hold responsibility for any third- parties’ actions or politics. An advertisement can be provided, according to the character of your internet activities or the use of mobile phone, as well as your actions while searching, your response to one of our advertisement or email, pages that you visited, your geographical region and other information. Such advertisement can be displayed on our website or third-parties’ websites. Technological partners that we cooperate with and who help us with advertising campaigns based on your interests can be the participants of the self-regulatory associations. On this website you can also see an advertisement of the third-parties depending on which pages you visit, what actions you perform on our website and others.

How to manage cookie files?

Most of the Internet browsers originally are set to accept cookie files automatically. You can change the settings that you can block cookies or notify the user when these files will be sent to the device. There are different ways of operating cookie files. Please see the browser’s instructions so you can learn more how to correct or change its settings. If you disable cookies that we use, it can affect your work with Internet, while you won’t be able to receive personal information on www.Leadbit.com. If you use the various technology for reviewing and accessing our website (for example computer, smart-phone, tablet and etc.), you have to make sure, that every browser on every devise is set properly to work with cookie files.